Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ramadan oh Ramadan: I am Fasting Today.

While my girl is helping me in the kitchen, she said to me that in Ramadan we have to be more patience.
Then I said to her: "yes, you are right, honey."

After a while, she is accidentally eating the sweet.

Girl: "Oh this is so good, ibu."
Me: "Are you fasting?"
Girl: "Oh, no I forget about it."
Me: "That's okay if you forget."
Girl: "So I still have my fasting."
Me:"Yes, you do still have your fasting if you forget."
Girl:"Yes, i am still fasting. Now I remember that Sheikh in masjid was talking about it in the class."
Me: "Honey, it's okay if you want to break your fast."
But she still wants to finish her fasting until sunset. Insha Allah.

May Allah accept our fasting in this Ramadan and doing it with sincerity. Aameen. ===================

And eat and drink until the white thread of dawn appears to you. 
Then complete your fast till the night comes.
[Quran 2:187].

Who is required to fast?
Fasting is obligatory upon the fulfillment of the following:
  • Islam: Fasting is not obligatory on a disbeliever.
  • Sanity: The insane is exempted.
  • Puberty: Children are exempted, but they should be trained.
  • Residency: Travelers are exempted.
  • Health: The sick who cannot endure fasting is exempted.
The kids should try their best to fast all Ramadan or a part of it, so that they get used to fasting.

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