Monday, December 19, 2011

Q & A: Homeschool to College

Here some questions about homeschool to college.
Insha Allah, i am answering the question base on my experiences.

  • 1. How did your homeschooled children get into college? (If they were at home all this time, then what exactly was the procedure through which they got in?)

    My answer:
    My homeschooled children got into college because of their maturity in terms of academically and personality.

    The procedure was the same as other applicants who want to enter the college.
    They were required to:
    • take the placement test or SAT or ACT (some of the requirements to enter for US college/university).
    • submit others documents, such as official transcript, recommendation letters, including list activities and achievements/awards of your kids, etc.
    • have a personal maturity interview between my kids and the admission team.

  • 2. How did they adjust to college?

    My answer:
    Alhamdulillah, so far, there have been nothing which becomes obstacle, the kids have been doing fine in their college life.
    For kids who are homeschool, it’s not too difficult to adjust with college life as long as you prepare that your kids want to go college. They have to learn how to:
    • manage their schedule,
    • solve their problems while they are in college.
    • manage all overloaded homeworks
    • manage their activities,
    • behave/manner in the class, to the Professor, to their classmates, and to the staff in campus.
    • etc.

  • 3. How did homeschooling help or hinder?

    My answer:
    By homeschooling, the kids are doing more focus on what they are really interested in.

  • 4. method of your homeschooling?

    My answer:
    My methods are not specific on just one method. We always use any kind of methods that suitable for each kid. Each kid is special and different.

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