Friday, August 26, 2011

Please Do Not Skip The Numbers

After salah Shubuh, I and Aisya are lying down on the sajadah (prayer mat) because Aisya is still sleepy.
Before I read Al-Qur'an, I said to Aisya: "You should do salah the right way because you are almost ten soon."

Aisya said: "Mom, you always skip the numbers.
I think you have to learn the numbers again.
There are numbers 8 and 9 after 7, you can not skip that numbers because I love those numbers."

I asked her again, "why?"

She said "Because the numbers are getting higher and higher."

"Okay Aisya, you will learn salah/prayer in the right way starting today until you are ten. insha Allah." I said to her.

"Okay ibu(mom), insha Allah." she said.

We, as a parent, should always remind our children to do 5 times praying, to take wudhu, and to make sure that they are doing it in the right way.
If your kids said: "Yes, I already did my pray." Then you should really check if they are really doing it or they are just saying it.

Well, you should remember kids are kids. They still need us to guide, to remind, and to help our children to practice this beautiful religion in their daily life. Insha Allah, their eeman will be more and more instill in their heart.

May Allah always help and guide our children to practice their religion in their daily life. Aameen.

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