Friday, August 26, 2011

Back To Homeschool And Some Go To College

Insha Allah, our home school journey is back to normal now after Ramadan and Eid.

This year, I still have to home school my youngest one. My three older kids are in college, alhamdulillah.
They finished their home school with me.

This is my home school journey for school year 2011-2012, insha Allah.

And here are some of tips to prepare your kids to go to college.

There are millions of students are home schooled every year, some for religious reasons and others for academic reasons.

We, as parents, are preparing our children to attend college and pursue a career. We need to prepare their academic records to apply the college they want to attend.

  • Record Keeping
    We have to provide the student academic record by:
    - creating a portfolio what he or she has learned in high school.
    - outlining for every subjects that has been taught.
    - transcript
    - activities and achievements
    - reading list
    - recommendation letters
    - others records such as, SAT, ACT, CLEP, College courses, etc.

  • Do College Research
    You can make a list which college that our children plan to attend.Then you can contact the admission office to ask about what the requirements for home school student to apply their school. If the college doesn’t have any information available for home school students, an academic adviser can offer guidance on what is expected of home schooled applicants.

  • Volunteering & Other Activities
    Homeschool students can enhance their portfolios by taking part in volunteering and similar activities. It shows that the students are already active with their youth group. College admissions staff will consider as part of their entire application.

  • Prep Tests
    The SAT and ACT are the two college admissions testing options for students. Most schools want SAT, some ACT, while others allow for both. When your son or daughter is a junior, he or she should take the PSAT, which is a preliminary test that shows academic progress and readiness for later testing. If your child scores well, he or she will be in an excellent when applying to college.

  • Get advise from the alumni home school
    Ask other Home school family who have experienced on applying for college.
    Parents who have sent their children to college can offer invaluable guidance to help you navigate the college application process, insha Allah.

  • Make a lot of Doa
    Always remember the power of doa, after you have complete all the applications requirements that you should don't forget to ask your children to make a lot of doa and pray to ask help from Allah.

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